Kenya Day One – Nairobi

Our first day in Kenya was a down day of sorts to allow us to rest and get acclimated to the new time. We had gotten into Nairobi late at night, so we were happy to have a restful morning! We started the day with a visit to the Nairobi National Museum, which allowed us […]

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Cuba Day Six – Havana

We woke up in Viñales on our last full day in Cuba and we were greeted with a layer of fog that had settled into the valley. It was beautiful! We left Viñales to head back to Havana for our last night. Our first stop was the fishing town of Jaimanitas, which has been turned […]

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Cuba Day Five – Viñales

We started our day by taking a tour of the Cave of the Indian in Viñales. The cave is located in the bottom of a mogote and was discovered in 1920. This cave was an ancient indigenous dwelling and opened to tourists in the 1970s. Outside of the cave entrance, there were artifacts and some […]

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Cuba Day Three – Havana

We started our third day in Cuba by visiting the Plaza de la Revolución. This plaza is where Fidel Castro and other political figures have addressed Cubans. Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis have also both held large Masses at this square during papal visits to Cuba. The square is massive, but even at […]

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Cuba Day Two – Regla & Cojímar

Our second day started with a short ferry ride across the harbor to Regla, which is a municipality in Havana. We went to experience another part of Havana, but also to see the Santería church that’s located in Regla. Santería is a blended religion unique to Cuba. When the Spanish originally settled Cuba, Roman Catholicism […]

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Cuba Day One – Havana

Hola amigos! We just got back a week ago from a trip to Cuba and this might be the quickest turnaround on pictures I’ve had! I was so excited to edit my pictures when we got back. Cuba is a beautiful, vibrant country with lovely people. We learned a lot about Cuba’s history and culture […]

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Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House has been on our list ever since we moved out here, but the few times we were in San Francisco, we just didn’t have enough time. We thought that the trip home from the redwoods would be the perfect opportunity to visit! Some history for those who are interested – the […]

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Redwoods Day Six

As we were leaving the redwoods, we saw some elk crossing a stream – I like to think they were saying goodbye and I loved having one last elk sighting before we left! Since the drive to the redwoods was so far, we planned on staying in San Francisco on the way back as well. […]

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Redwoods Day Five

We had two things planned for our last day in the redwoods – the first was a hike to a waterfall and the second was to visit the Trees of Mystery, which was a tourist attraction. The waterfall hike was the Trillium Falls trail and the best part was that the trailhead was in elk […]

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