Amsterdam: After Dark

When we originally decided to go to Amsterdam, I knew I wanted night pictures.  Even though we weren’t going to need our tripods for Africa and it was something extra to pack, I knew I needed to do it.  It was 100% worth it.  Plus, I ended up doing some star shots in Tanzania, so […]

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Amsterdam: The Countryside

When we were planning our trip, we knew we needed to go see windmills.  I mean, when I think of Holland, I think about tulips and windmills!  We were too early for the tulips, so that left the windmills!  The last day we were in Amsterdam, we took a train to Zaanse Schans, which is […]

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Amsterdam: The City

Mike and I spent three days in Amsterdam on the way to Tanzania.  We absolutely LOVED it and would love to go back.  It’s such a beautiful city and we loved walking around the canals and just taking in all the history of this city.  We went to a few museums, the Anne Frank House, […]

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