Tanzania – Ngorongoro Crater

Our first day on animal safari did not disappoint!  After seeing the crater from the rim, we were so excited to go down into this massive crater and see all of the animals!  The Ngorongoro Crater was formed when the top of the mountain collapsed and created a volcanic caldera.  There are lots of animals […]

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Tanzania – The Maasai Tribe

The last tribe we visited was the Maasai tribe.  The Maasai are cattle farmers and measure their wealth by how many head of cattle and how many children they have.  This is one of the larger tribes in East Africa – they are mostly in Tanzania and Kenya.  Since we missed out on the Maasai […]

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Tanzania – The Hadzabe Tribe

This was the day where nothing really went as planned, but it ended up being one of our favorite days of the entire trip!  It started with an absolute torrent of rain at 4am that woke everyone up.  It literally sounded like someone was pouring buckets of rain on our cabin!!  Since we had been […]

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Tanzania – The Datoga Tribe

The first three days of our trip were a cultural safari in which we visited three different tribes.  The first tribe was the Datoga, who are farmers and herders.  In this particular village, the men worked as blacksmiths, and the women tended the herd, so it was really incredible to see the two vastly different […]

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