Orange County Fair

Coming from the Midwest, Mike and I have been really excited to go to a fair out here.  When we found out the Day Hawks were making a trip to the Orange County Fair, we knew we had to go check it out. It was NOTHING like the fairs back home.  NOTHING.  It was mostly […]

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Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

Mike and I are completly into animal adventures and are always looking for new ones.  We found the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and knew we needed to check it out!  This place takes in wolves and uses them to educate the public on why they are important in our ecosystem and to help dispel myths about […]

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Joshua Tree National Park

In July, Mike and I were in the desert area and decided to go watch the sunset in Joshua Tree.  We went up to Keys View, which is the highest point in the park and set up the camera.  It’s so peaceful in the park, and since it was July and super warm, there weren’t […]

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