How I Found Photography

Last year brought a lot of heartache and pain.  I lost my brother, Steven in March, and I had to say goodbye to Sophie, my dog of 13 years, in September.  After my brother died, I took a photography “boot camp” class at a local camera shop in Torrance.  Mike had bought me a Nikon D7100 for Christmas in 2013 and I wanted to learn how to use it.  I learned so much in my six week boot camp class and I really fell in love with photography.  It’s a way to express myself and get in touch with my more creative side.  It’s a way to slow down and literally focus through a lens on a subject.  Right now, I’m primarily taking landscape and scenic photos, but I’m enrolled in a year’s worth of intermediate classes which focus on a range of topics.  I’m taking exposure, landscape, and people this year, as well as a night photography class.

I wanted to create a place where I could share my pictures with friends and family, and while I loved writing blog posts for Julie’s Rumspringa, I’m just not ready to pick that back up – yet.  I struggle with writing about fun things that Mike and I have done when I’m still navigating this difficult period in my life.  I have really enjoyed learning more about my camera and developing my eye for photography, so I hope that you enjoy looking at my creations!

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