Palm Springs

We went to Palm Springs last winter for a weekend and completely fell in love with it!

DSC_0966Oasis in the Desert, Palm Springs, 2014

DSC_0972Surrounded by Mountains, Palm Springs, 2014

DSC_1074Palm Springs from Above, Mount San Jacinto State Park, 2014

DSC_1157_01View from Mount San Jacinto, Mount San Jacinto State Park, 2014

After our first trip to Palm Springs, we went again in May and took Sophie with us this time!  We mostly had R&R at the hotel, but we ventured out to the dog park and to Lake Hemet, which is a beautiful lake in the mountains!

DSC_2277Hairy Cactus, Palm Springs, 2014

DSC_2301Mike on the Shoreline, Lake Hemet, 2014

DSC_2336Sunset in the Mountains, Palm Springs, 2014

DSC_2217Resting Soph, Palm Springs, 2014

I’ll close out this post with one of my all-time favorites:

DSC_2245_01Two Peas in a Pod, Palm Springs, 2014

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