Catalina Island

In September, Mike’s parents came out for his birthday and we went to Catalina Island for the day.  Catalina is about 30 miles off the coast of California and is a neat, beautiful getaway!  It took about a one hour boat ride to get to the island, and everything is just so relaxed and not like LA.  We left on the first boat out for the day, so we got to see the sunrise over the Pacific.  It was wonderful!

DSC_3505Leaving the Mainland, Pacific Ocean, 2014

DSC_3521Birthday Boy at Sunrise, Pacific Ocean, 2014

DSC_3539Sunrise over the Pacific, Pacific Ocean, 2014

DSC_3552Fox on the Island, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3555Sheep Chute, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3565Tatonka, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3567Shark Bite Cove, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3578Our Jeep Tour, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3588Abandoned Building, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3590Wagon Wheels, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3591Rescued Bald Eagle, Catalina Island, 2014

DSC_3630Avalon from Above, Avalon, 2014

DSC_3639Outriggers and the Casino, Avalon, 2014

DSC_3644Fountain on the Waterfront, Avalon, 2014

DSC_3646Mike and a Buffalo, Avalon, 2014

DSC_3647Avalon Harbor, Avalon, 2014

DSC_3649Yacht Club, Avalon, 2014

DSC_3651View from the Casino, Avalon, 2014

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