Red Rock Canyon & Vegas at Night

At the end of June, we went to Las Vegas for the weekend for Mike’s bowling league.  Mike and I had both been to Vegas once – Mike when he was young, and me last year for a night on my way to Utah.  Neither of us are huge “hang out in large crowds” kinda people, so we opted for different things to do while we were there.  We made a trip to Hoover Dam, which will be my next blog post, but while we were in Vegas, we drove through Red Rock Canyon.  Our hotel was pretty close to this, so it was a nice quiet evening drive!  It was beautiful.  Then, I decided hey let’s go to where all the people are and ride the largest observation wheel in the world!  It’s called the High Roller, and it was pretty cool!  The wait wasn’t too long, and it continuously moves, so at least the line is always moving.  The pods hold about 40 people comfortably, although ours had about 15-20.  The pods have a 360 degree view and climb to a height of 550 feet.  It was pretty amazing!  For not using a tripod, I was really happy with my pictures, too!


Take a Hike, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Earth Tones, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Standing Strong, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Mike and the Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Dry River, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Evening Light, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Joshua Trees, Red Rock Canyon, 2016


Before, Las Vegas, 2016


The Linq, Las Vegas, 2016


Night Life, Las Vegas, 2016


Wild West, Las Vegas, 2016


High Roller, Las Vegas, 2016


After, Las Vegas, 2016

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