San Francisco Day Three: Muir Woods

When we were originally planning our trip to San Francisco, I thought we’d spend a day and pop over to the Redwood National Park for a visit.  However, I forgot how GIGANTIC the state of California is, and the Redwood National Park is like a FIVE HOUR DRIVE from San Francisco!  That will have to wait until another trip.  Instead, I found Muir Woods, which is just on the other side of Sausalito!  If we hadn’t gone to Alcatraz, I think this would have been our favorite part of the trip.  We went right in the morning before it got too crowded and it was so peaceful and serene.  We still got to see redwoods, which were unbelievably tall!

The real surprise of our hike around the park was the lunch we had at the little cafe!  We grabbed “breakfast” on our way back to the car, and we both had the most DELICIOUS chicken salad sandwich!  Mike and I still talk about that freaking chicken salad sandwich.  If you’re ever in the area, definitely check out nature and the trees and yes it’s beautiful, but do yourself a REAL favor and get that sandwich!

Since we were there first thing in the morning, we got to see the sunrise in the park.  Not the ooh so pretty full of color sunrise, but the stunning sunbeams through the trees sunrise.  I might be a little biased, but I think this is the best collection of pictures I’ve ever taken!


Excitement, Muir Woods, 2016


Crossing, Muir Woods, 2016


Surrounded, Muir Woods, 2016


Branches, Muir Woods, 2016


Looking Up, Muir Woods, 2016


Redwoods, Muir Woods, 2016


Winding Path, Muir Woods, 2016


Through the Trees, Muir Woods, 2016


Canopy, Muir Woods, 2016


Happy Little Tree , Muir Woods, 2016


Beaming, Muir Woods, 2016


Bursting Light, Muir Woods, 2016


Morning Light, Muir Woods, 2016


To the Top, Muir Woods, 2016


Crescent, Muir Woods, 2016

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