Amsterdam: After Dark

When we originally decided to go to Amsterdam, I knew I wanted night pictures.  Even though we weren’t going to need our tripods for Africa and it was something extra to pack, I knew I needed to do it.  It was 100% worth it.  Plus, I ended up doing some star shots in Tanzania, so I actually used it twice!

I knew that Amsterdam would be perfect because of all of the canals, but honestly, my pictures turned out much better than I expected!  The one that I am most proud of is the one of the seven bridges.  It’s the only place in Amsterdam where you can see seven bridges over the Reguliersgracht canal.  We saw it on the canal cruise we took, but we went back so I could take pictures.  Oddly enough, this was the only picture I took where I didn’t use my tripod!  I was laying completely flat on the ground with my camera flat on the ground in order to get this shot.

I love so many of these and the canals provided excellent reflections of the lights.  The other favorite I have is the featured image of this post – the Rijksmuseum at night reflected in the pool with the iconic I amsterdam sign in front.  Those two might be my favorites, but I was thrilled with how all of them turned out!


Rowhouses, Amsterdam, 2018


Thorbeckeplein, Amsterdam, 2018


Kerk, Amsterdam, 2018


Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, 2018H


Spiegelgracht, Amsterdam, 2018


Coming and Going, Amsterdam, 2018


Three Bridges, Amsterdam, 2018


Seven Bridges, Amsterdam, 2018


Quiet Icon, Amsterdam, 2018


High Society, Amsterdam, 2018


Rijks Reflected, Amsterdam, 2018

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