Christmas Lights in Ohio

When Mike and I went home for Christmas, my parents made plans to take us to Clifton Mill to see the Christmas lights. The Clifton Mill Christmas lights were actually featured on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight and they WON! They won $50,000 and after seeing the lights in person, that award was well deserved! Because of the publicity, the place was absolutely packed with people, but I still managed to get some amazing pictures!

On our way to the mill, we passed by some kind of light show in downtown Xenia – it looked interesting, and on our way back home, we passed it again. We stopped to see what it was all about, and it was pretty neat! This display was in Shawnee Park in Xenia and it was basically a light show set to music. People parked in the lot, tuned to a certain radio station, and watched the show! We watched for a while and then got ready to leave before we realized it was a whole long show! We probably watched for a good 45 minutes, and it was really well done! The little pond in the park led to some great pictures!

Entrance, Clifton Mill, 2018
Water Wheel, Clifton Mill, 2018
Carpeted Lights, Clifton Mill, 2018
Covered Bridge, Clifton Mill, 2018
Buckeyes vs. Wolverines, Clifton Mill, 2018
Bridge Over Water, Clifton Mill, 2018
The Mill, Clifton Mill, 2018
Trolls, Shawnee Park, 2018
USA, Shawnee Park, 2018
USMC, Shawnee Park, 2018
Lines, Shawnee Park, 2018
Pinks and Purples, Shawnee Park, 2018

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