Paso Robles

In November 2019, Mike and I took a trip to Paso Robles to see Sensorio, which is a light exhibit by internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro. It had opened in May 2019 and was originally supposed to be a temporary exhibit – only available for a few months. However, it became so popular that it’s now become a permanent exhibit. They’ve even added on since we went! I’m glad to see that this has stuck around because it was a truly incredible experience and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!

Paso Robles is an area in central California and has many wineries! We visited a couple wineries while we were in town and even got to tour a wine cave at Eberle Winery! We also went to Sculpterra Winery, which had lots of sculptures in their garden. We didn’t do a ton of wine tasting, but really enjoyed walking around the gardens and seeing the wine cave. Plus, we got to see someone’s pet piglet at Eberle Winery and it was seriously the cutest and most unexpected thing ever!

Sensorio is basically a valley full of lights that has walking paths so you can walk through this immersive experience. All total, there are 15 acres of lights – 58,000+ fiber optic lights! They gently change color the whole time so the entire valley is constantly changing. The lights themselves were super interesting – they were bulbs on stems and the wires roped around and created a flowy feel. Honestly, they reminded me of neurons – the cluster of wires pushing light up the stems and into the bulbs. This is all solar powered, too! We got to Sensorio right when they opened, so we were able to experience the lights through sunset, dusk, and then night. It was overall a really neat experience and we would highly recommend the trip to see this!

MEGA Focus by Dale Evers, Paso Robles, 2019
White Puma by John Jagger, Paso Robles, 2019
Sweet Dreams by John Jagger, Paso Robles, 2019
Eberle Wine Cave, Paso Robles, 2019
Wine Storage, Paso Robles, 2019
Barrel of Lights, Paso Robles, 2019
Wine on Wine on Wine, Paso Robles, 2019
Tree on a Hill, Paso Robles, 2019
Dusk in Central California, Paso Robles, 2019
Aglow, Paso Robles, 2019
Valley at Dusk, Paso Robles, 2019
Neurons, Paso Robles, 2019
Lights and Shadows, Paso Robles, 2019
Colorful Brilliance, Paso Robles, 2019
Illumination, Paso Robles, 2019
Hillside Glow, Paso Robles, 2019
Luminescence, Paso Robles, 2019

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