Greg and Katie Visit LA

In late June/early July, my cousin Greg and his wife Katie came to visit!  We had so much fun taking them to our favorite places here, and of course, I was able to take more pictures at our favorite places!

DSC_2373Dolphins off the Pier, Santa Monica Pier, 2014

DSC_2400Seal on the Rocks, Abalone Cove, 2014

DSC_2410Palos Verdes On A Hazy Morn, Abalone Cove, 2014

DSC_2417Abalone in Tide Pool, Abalone Cove, 2014

DSC_2495Leader of the Pack, King Harbor, 2014

DSC_2505Sea Lion Shenanigans, King Harbor, 2014

DSC_2754Sunset Around the Bend, Terranea, 2014

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a pic of our guests!

DSC_2421Greg and Katie, Abalone Cove, 2014

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