Night Hawks – Queen Mary

Mike and I went to the Queen Mary on Thursday night with my night photography group and we had a fun time as always! We even saw a GHOST…which had a striking resemblance to Mike, but we can only assume it’s one of his ancestors!  This month’s outing had us playing around with ghost pictures, which uses long exposure and movement to get a ghostly image.  Since we were there on a weeknight, it wasn’t crowded at all and I saw an older couple dancing on the deck and couldn’t help but snap some shots.  They were absolutely lovely people and I loved how their photographs turned out.  Enjoy!

DSC_5893Long Beach, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5891Long Beach Shoreline, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5899Boat Crossing, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5907Land Ho!, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5896Anchor’s Away, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5906Pipe Dreams, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5918Ghost in the Doorway, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5921Ghost Toy Soldier, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5926Ghost Hamming for the Cam, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5942Dancing on the Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5959May I Have This Dance?, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5951Calm Night at Sea, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5980Empty Deck, Queen Mary, 2015

DSC_5988Stepping Back In Time, Queen Mary, 2015

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