Night Hawks – Redondo Beach

This month’s Night Hawks outing also fell on one of the weirdest weather days of the year!  Living in Southern California, we are SUPER lucky that 98% of the days are sunny and breezy.  We get like 10 days of rain a year.  This year’s El Nino has been interesting.  We’ve had more humidity, which leads to more fog, and there have been a lot of days where it’s been WINDY.  Like gusts of 40+ mph!  The wind is cool because it makes the waves gigantic.  We had most of these in effect for Night Hawks – windy, humid, and HUGE waves.  Being at the Redondo Pier on a night where the waves are spitting up tons of salt spray and it being humid meant that pictures were a little more challenging.  If you were by the water trying to take picture, the humidity in the air coupled with the chilly winds made your lens fog up.  Not to mention the salt spray that accumulated quickly on the outside of the lens!  The night made for hunting good shots and working with the weather!  I was happy with my pictures, especially since none of them are my “typical” Night Hawks shots!


Night Light, Redondo Pier, 2016


Pier at Night, Redondo Pier, 2016


Crab Coming At You, Redondo Pier, 2016


Dinner Time, Redondo Pier, 2016


Spotted Prawns, Redondo Pier, 2016


Shapes and Lines, Redondo Pier, 2016


Dinner on the Run, Redondo Pier, 2016


Puddle Reflection, Redondo Pier, 2016

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