Solvang is one of those California attractions that Mike and I have wanted to go see ever since we moved.  However, it’s more of a “stop as you’re passing through” type attraction instead of a destination.  When Mike and I decided to head up to Hearst Castle for Fourth of July weekend, we figured Solvang would be a perfect first stop!  It did not disappoint.  It’s the cutest little Dutch town, complete with a windmill and authentic food!  Solvang is a quiet little town, too, which was a nice break from the city.  Everything closed at 6pm except restaurants, which just added to the town’s quaintness.

Our first stop was thanks to our friend, Jen, who insisted that we stop at Birkholm’s Bakery for the BEST Danish Butter Cookies.  They were melt-in-your-mouth delish!  Then, we wandered over to the windmill, only to discover that it was a WINERY and we did a wine tasting IN THE WINDMILL!!!!  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to say that I went to a wine tasting in a windmill ever again!  We ended our stay at a scrumptious restaurant that was highly recommended at the wine tasting and it did not disappoint!  All in all, Solvang was just as cute as I thought it would be, and if we ever find ourselves in the area again, we will definitely stop in!


Lake Cachuma, Solvang Outskirts, 2016


Best Butter Cookies EVER, Solvang, 2016


Lost Point Winery, Solvang, 2016


Jigsaw Shingles, Solvang, 2016


Bells, Solvang, 2016


Succulent, Solvang, 2016


Dutch Buildings, Solvang, 2016


Downtown, Solvang, 2016


Windmill Sunset, Solvang, 2016

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