San Simeon Elephant Seals

When Mike and I heard that only FIVE miles from Hearst Castle there was an elephant seal viewing area, we knew we had to go.  Even after living in California for four (!!!!) years, we still get giddy when we see seals and/or sea lions.  It’s so neat to see them in their natural environment and see how goofy they are.  There are lots of sea lions where we live and some harbor seals, but we had not seen elephant seals until now!  They were as amazing as we expected and while there were lots sunning on the beach, there were enough seals in the water to provide some entertainment!  I got some great pics with my new (bought in May) 70-200mm lens and that made me super happy!  Enjoy the seal buddies!


Napping, San Simeon, 2016


Resting, San Simeon, 2016


Fighting, San Simeon, 2016


Sunning, San Simeon, 2016


Waddling, San Simeon, 2016


Swimming, San Simeon, 2016


Yelling, San Simeon, 2016


Laughing, San Simeon, 2016


Squinting, San Simeon, 2016

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