California Wildflowers

I’m sure a lot of you heard about the California super bloom this year!  We got so much rain this “winter” and that led to so many flowers blooming!  Also, for the first time since we’ve moved out here, things are actually GREEN and not brown!  We knew that we needed to go somewhere before all the flowers were done blooming, so we drove out to the California Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley.  The poppy reserve was packed, so we drove around the area and took a few pictures.  The day we went was SO windy, so it wasn’t as easy to get pictures as I would have hoped.  But I was happy with the few pictures we did get!


Poppy Patches, Antelope Valley, 2017


Sunning Poppies, Antelope Valley, 2017


Open and Shut, Antelope Valley, 2017


Poppy Field, Antelope Valley, 2017

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