Night Hawks – Redondo Beach Pier

This was our THIRD trip with the Night Hawks to the Redondo Pier, and it was just as windy and chilly as the last time we went!  The waves were big and the pictures turned out great!  I love the birds that hang out on the pier, eager to snatch a fisherman’s prize!  In general, I don’t really enjoy taking pictures of people, but one of my favorite pictures from this trip is the one of the fisherman on the pier.  I love that the pier is only a 10 minute drive from home, and this trip is a good reminder to Mike and I that we need to go to the pier more often!


End of Another Day, Redondo Beach, 2017


Watchful Pelican, Redondo Beach, 2017


Catch of the Day, Redondo Beach, 2017


Perched, Redondo Beach, 2017


Cruising for Food, Redondo Beach, 2017


North Pier, Redondo Beach, 2017


South Pier, Redondo Beach, 2017


Fishing Gear, Redondo Beach, 2017


Happy Buddha, Redondo Beach, 2017

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