Night Hawks: Griffith Observatory

I feel like every Night Hawks post I do, I always say “this is one of my favorites!”  And that’s because they kind of all are for different reasons!  And the Griffith Observatory is actually one of my favorites because I love being in this huge park that overlooks one of the largest cities in the country.  I love seeing signs warning you not to feed coyotes and then you turn around and see skyscrapers and lights that go on to infinity.

This year, Mike and I split from the group and went to a different part of the park that provided a different view of the observatory and the city.  We walked along a bit and took some pictures, and then I saw it – three girls standing on one of the hills in front of the observatory.  I snapped about 7 quick shots and got ONE where they were all standing still.  I LOVE this picture!  I was really happy with the other pictures I got that night, too!

Griffith Park-6

Observatory at Dusk, Griffith Park, 2017

Griffith Park-21

Los Angeles Peaks, Griffith Park, 2017

Griffith Park-24

Around the Bend, Griffith Park, 2017

Griffith Park-27

Downhill View, Griffith Park, 2017

Griffith Park-30

The Trio, Griffith Park, 2017

Griffith Park-41  Framed City, Griffith Park, 2017

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