Vietnam Day Nine – Hanoi

For our last full day in Vietnam, we went back to Hanoi. We left Sapa in the morning and got into Hanoi around mid-afternoon. We had a bit of a break before our evening activity – a cooking class! Our chef, Hoai, met our group at the hotel and we walked to the local market […]

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Night Hawks DTLA

We were so happy to be back with the Night Hawks for one of our favorite photo shoots in downtown LA!  Mike and I started off in Grand Park and had a great time photographing the fountain before we went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and then the freeway bridges!   

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Amsterdam: After Dark

When we originally decided to go to Amsterdam, I knew I wanted night pictures.  Even though we weren’t going to need our tripods for Africa and it was something extra to pack, I knew I needed to do it.  It was 100% worth it.  Plus, I ended up doing some star shots in Tanzania, so […]

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Night Hawks: Downtown LA

Have I mentioned before how much I looooooooove long exposure photography?  The second half of this collection of pictures is why.  I will never get bored with night photography OR long exposure photography! This shoot and the Griffith Observatory are my favorites.  This was Mike’s first time on this one, because last year my mom, […]

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Night Hawks – Downtown Disney

This was one of my favorites last year because I FINALLY learned how to take good pictures of fireworks!  This year was no different.  After a delayed start, the Disney 60th Anniversary Celebration fireworks did not disappoint!  I was really happy with how my pictures turned out and can’t wait for next year!  

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