Cincinnati: Around Town

In July, Mike and I went home to spend some time with my parents!  We had so much fun and went to some of my favorite places – Young’s Dairy Farm, Clifton Gorge, and Newport!  We also found this neat little rock garden that was built by a man in 1932 – he built all kinds of structures in his backyard and it’s all still standing!

While we were at home, we had to peep in on Miss Fiona the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo!  But she’s so special that she gets her own post!

Cincy Summer-1

Looking for Handouts, Young’s Dairy Farm, 2017

Cincy Summer-1-2

Young’s Windmill, Springfield, 2017

Cincy Summer-4

Rock Castle, Hartman’s Rock Garden, 2017

Cincy Summer-5

Standing History, Clifton, 2017

Cincy Summer-6

Water Wheel, Clifton, 2017

Cincy Summer-7

Mom and Dad, Clifton, 2017

Cincy Summer-8

The Flour Mill, Clifton, 2017

Cincy Summer-9

Spotty, Clifton Gorge, 2017

Cincy Summer-20

Riverwalk, Newport on the Levee, 2017

Cincy Summer-21

City Sunset, Cincinnati, 2017

Cincy Summer-22

City Lights, Cincinnati, 2017

Cincy Summer-23

Purple People Bridge, Newport, 2017

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