Cincinnati: Fiona the Baby Hippo

Mike and I have been following Fiona’s story ever since she was born.  Hippos are Mike’s favorite animal, but obviously we both love animals – especially baby ones who were born premature!  Leading up to our trip home, we had been following all of her developments closely because we wanted to see her when we were in town!  When we were home, she wasn’t yet on exhibit full time but everything that we had read said that the best chance of seeing Fiona would be in the afternoon.

We got to the zoo at around 3pm and went to the hippo exhibit and SHE WAS THERE!!!  She was napping, but she was there and she was SO CUTE!  We hung around the exhibit for a little bit and decided to go get some ice cream because it was approximately 300 degrees with 1000% humidity outside and these two Californians just aren’t used to that anymore!  After our ice cream break, we went back and Fiona was in the middle of coaxing her mom, Bibi, to come and play.  It worked!  They both started exploring the exhibit and everyone who was there was flipping out!  My favorite picture I got of her I actually took on my iPhone, but the ones I took with my camera turned out pretty well!

Cincy Summer-11

Twinsies, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-12

Bibi and Fiona (and Mike), Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-13

Underwater Traveler, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-14

Watching, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-15

Getting Mom to Play, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-16

Ear Drips, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-17

Saying Hello, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-18

Balancing on Bibi, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017

Cincy Summer-19

Peekaboo, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017


Porpoising, Cincinnati Zoo, 2017


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