Seoul Day Three – A Village and A Tower

My fever broke around lunchtime on our third day in Seoul, so that was a relief! We revisited our list of things we wanted to see in Seoul to see what was a must-see and what we weren’t super attached to. We ended up narrowing it down to the Namsangol Hanok Village and N Seoul Tower.

Namsangol Hanok Village is basically a restored traditional Korean village. It also serves as a public park – we saw so many people there just sitting and enjoying the scenery. We also saw kids playing soccer and baseball. Of course, there were plenty of tourists like us enjoying the history and exploring the village. The neat thing about the village is that they had so many “experiences” that you could pay for – from traditional Korean calligraphy to straw crafting, the village allows you to immerse yourself in Korean culture. They even had a tea room where you could pay to have a full tea experience. A lot of these were closed by the time we were there, so we didn’t partake, but we still really enjoyed walking around the village and taking pictures! We also bought a handmade lamp as a souvenir in their gift shop, and it’s one of our favorite pieces of decor now that we’re home!

From the village, we went to Mount Namsan to ride the tram up the mountain to N Seoul Tower. The tower is one of the highest points in Seoul. We went around sunset hoping to see the transition from day to night. Unfortunately for us, it was pretty hazy so we couldn’t see too much. We did see a beautiful sunset as we went back down the mountain in the tram car, so that definitely made our tower trip worth it!

Even though our last day in Seoul wasn’t exactly what we had planned, we still really enjoyed it. Plus, I was finally feeling better which was a real relief for me. I didn’t want to be miserably sick for the beginning of our time in Vietnam! Pan Cold A saved the day!

Traditional House, Seoul, 2019
Cheonu-gak, Seoul, 2019
Yoons Family House, Seoul, 2019
Mins Family House, Seoul, 2019
Feline Spy, Seoul, 2019
Nest Art Gallery, Seoul, 2019
Locks of Love, Seoul, 2019
Much Love, Seoul, 2019
Urban View, Seoul, 2019
Tower Through the Trees, Seoul, 2019
Hazy View, Seoul, 2019
Pointing Home, Seoul, 2019
Love Locks Trees, Seoul, 2019
Dusky Tower, Seoul, 2019
Feeding Time, Seoul, 2019

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