Vietnam Day One – Hanoi Walking Tour

It was so nice to meet up with our Creative Photo Academy group in the Seoul airport for the flight to Hanoi. We got into Hanoi at night and went straight to our hotel. After some good sleep, it was time to explore! Our first day in Vietnam was a rainy one, but honestly, I think it made my pictures that much better!

The first day was a walking tour of Hanoi – specifically, the Old Quarter of Hanoi, which is also where our hotel was. We walked through the streets to a market. The market was probably one of the best photo opportunities, especially since it was raining. The colors of the different fruits and vegetables were so vibrant against the gray, rainy day. It was such an experience walking through the streets and seeing different vendors selling all kinds of things. We sampled so many different fruits that I had never even seen before and they were all delicious!

After the market, we had banh mi sandwiches (which was literally the best sandwich I’ve EVER had) and we had our first egg coffee! After lunch, we walked to Hoan Kiem Lake to see the red bridge and explore the Ngoc Son Temple. Next up was the St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Mike and I chose to go back to the hotel at this point because I was still fighting off my cold and didn’t want to overdo it the first day in Vietnam!

We got some rest and met up with the group for dinner. Afterwards, we made our way to train street, which was probably one of the things I was most looking forward to seeing. Basically, there are train tracks through the city and on either side of the tracks are cafes, restaurants, and bars. People hang out to see the train come through and boy does it come through. We sat down for some drinks and then the owner came over to tell us that the train was getting ready to come through. There’s a flurry of activity as all of the owners are packing up tables and chairs and then THE TRAIN! Honestly, it was gigantic and I definitely could have stuck my arm out and touched it – that’s how close it was! It’s definitely an experience that I will probably never have again and it was a great way to end our first day in Hanoi!

Quang Ganh, Hanoi, 2019
Old Quarter, Hanoi, 2019
Ordering Food, Hanoi, 2019
Welding, Hanoi, 2019
Seamstresses, Hanoi, 2019
Power Lines, Hanoi, 2019
Cooking Supplies, Hanoi, 2019
Peeling Fruit, Hanoi, 2019
Striped Fruits, Hanoi, 2019
Flowers on the Move, Hanoi, 2019
Mangosteens, Hanoi, 2019
Apples and Grapes, Hanoi, 2019
Buddha Hand Fruit, Hanoi, 2019
Selling Fruit, Hanoi, 2019
Wrapped Tulips, Hanoi, 2019
Making Meatballs, Hanoi, 2019
Peppers and Spices, Hanoi, 2019
Selling Flowers, Hanoi, 2019
Butcher, Hanoi, 2019
Motorbikes, Hanoi, 2019
Greens, Hanoi, 2019
Street Sales, Hanoi, 2019
Motorbike Parking, Hanoi, 2019
Lunchtime, Hanoi, 2019
Why So Serious, Hanoi, 2019
Electrical Chaos, Hanoi, 2019
Red Bridge, Hanoi, 2019
Entering the Temple, Hanoi, 2019
Rowboat, Hanoi, 2019
Altar, Hanoi, 2019
Peaceful Temple, Hanoi, 2019
Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, 2019
Temple of the Jade Mountain, Hanoi, 2019
St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi, 2019
Before the Train, Hanoi, 2019
Waiting for the Train, Hanoi, 2019
All Dressed Up for the Train, Hanoi, 2019
After the Train, Hanoi, 2019

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