Redwoods Day Five

We had two things planned for our last day in the redwoods – the first was a hike to a waterfall and the second was to visit the Trees of Mystery, which was a tourist attraction. The waterfall hike was the Trillium Falls trail and the best part was that the trailhead was in elk meadow! We got so lucky and there was a whole herd of elk in the meadow when we drove in! We stopped and watched for a while and then continued onto the hike. The hike was more strenuous than we expected, but we weren’t in any rush so we took our time! We went early enough that the trail wasn’t crowded at all – I think the whole time we were there we saw maybe two other people. The falls were beautiful and definitely worth the hike.

Our next stop was the Trees of Mystery, which popped up on all the lists we looked at for things to do in and around the redwoods. It’s a privately owned park and one of the things we were interested in was the Skytrail, which is an aerial tram that takes you up a mountain for some amazing views! To get to the Skytrail, you walk a trail through the park that takes you past some really interesting redwood trees. One of them is the Cathedral Tree, which is nine trees growing close together out of one root system. It’s a popular site for weddings, and I could see why! It was beautiful and very unique! Another tree is the Candelabra Tree, which is a fallen redwood that has younger redwoods growing out of it. We enjoyed our time here – it’s definitely worth the trip to see the top of the Skytrail!

Overall, the redwoods was a great trip – we had a couple of stops planned on the way home, which will come in the next two posts, but the redwoods themselves were incredible. It was a fun road trip and we went at a great time – it was chilly but not cold, and we avoided peak season so it wasn’t crowded either! It’s also still mind boggling to both of us that we drove 12 hours one way in California and we were still like an hour away from the Oregon border.

Elk Meadow & Trillium Falls:

Trees of Mystery:

Cathedral Tree, Trees of Mystery, 2021
Pacific Ocean from top of Skytrail, Trees of Mystery, 2021
Candelabra Tree, Trees of Mystery, 2021
Historical Timeline via Redwood, Trees of Mystery, 2021

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