Redwoods Day Six

As we were leaving the redwoods, we saw some elk crossing a stream – I like to think they were saying goodbye and I loved having one last elk sighting before we left!

Since the drive to the redwoods was so far, we planned on staying in San Francisco on the way back as well. We were looking for places to stop on the way to San Francisco and Mike and I both saw Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA. It was a bit out of the way, but we also thought that it would be unlikely that we’d ever be around that area again. Luckily, the drive to Glass Beach was along coast and provided some beautiful vistas!

Glass Beach used to be a trash dump until it was closed in 1967 by the state. The state began cleanup to remove the non-biodegradable items and over the years, the ocean smoothed out all of the broken glass bottles and pieces of pottery and those just became part of the pebbly beach. This has become a tourist attraction and the amount of glass on the beach has diminished in recent years due to tourists taking pieces with them when they leave. There were talks within the community to begin replenishing the beach with recycled glass, but the city declined to go that route. We were definitely glad that we went – it was a peaceful beach and it was so neat seeing the little pieces of sea glass in the pebbles!

Elk Goodbye, Klamath, 2021
Glass Beach Greeter, Fort Bragg, 2021

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