Whale of a Good Time

Mike and I went whale watching last weekend, and we had an absolute blast!  We saw two whales early on in our trip and were able to stay with them for almost an hour.  We ended up seeing them surface five or six times.  We saw a couple of dolphins and a couple of seals as well, but they were too fast to get pictures of.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day out on the water!

DSC_5533Whatcha Lookin At?, Harbor Breeze, 2015

DSC_5540Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_5549Pollux Star, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5576Sailboat in View of Catalina Island, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5578Over There!, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5582First Gray Whale Sighting, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5607Thar She Blows, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5612Whale Tail, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5765Ocean Spray, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5677Back to the Depths, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5707Gray Whale, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5714A Parting Wave, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5784Portrait of Commerce, Pacific Ocean, 2015

DSC_5850Palm Reflections, Long Beach Harbor, 2015

DSC_5852Pelicans on the Water, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_5847Lighthouse at Sunset, Long Beach, 2015

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