Night Hawks – Shoreline Village

After taking the boot camp with the Creative Photo Academy, I decided to sign up for one of the night photography classes.  This was my first outing with the group, and we loved it so much we’ve been going to them ever since!  Mike attends as my sherpa/bag carrier/photo assistant and I think he loves the Night Hawks just as much as I do!

DSC_2862Grand Romance, Shoreline Village, 2014

DSC_2877Lighthouse in Long Beach Harbor, Shoreline Village, 2014

DSC_2910Blurred Fountains, Long Beach, 2014

DSC_2925Queen Mary, Shoreline Village, 2014

DSC_2934Rainbow Harbor, Shoreline Village, 2014

DSC_2936Harbor at Work, Shoreline Village, 2014

DSC_2945Across the Harbor, Shoreline Village, 2014

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