Night Hawks – Santa Monica Pier

We were so excited for this night shoot in November because of the ferris wheel at the pier, and it did not disappoint!  We were there at sunset and I got some great shots of activity at the beach as the sun set.  After we got done photographing the pier, we went to the amusement park and got some great action shots!

DSC_4101My Sherpa, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4102Seagull Flight, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4119Playing Frisbee at Sunset, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4147Bicycling on the Beach, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4180Santa Monica Sunset, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4201Pier Gazing, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4272Red, White, and Blue, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4276Peppermint Patty, Santa Monica, 2014

DSC_4332Tickets to Ride, Pacific Park, 2014

DSC_4334Speedy Roller Coaster, Pacific Park, 2014

DSC_4351Scrambler Fun, Pacific Park, 2014

DSC_4408Amusement Galore, Pacific Park, 2014

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