Night Hawks – Rocketship Park

This month’s outing with the Night Hawks took us to a park in Torrance – Rocketship Park.  It sits up on a hill that overlooks the South Bay, so it provided great views of city lights.  As always, Mike served as my loyal sherpa and hauled my equipment around for me!

We had three models for this shoot, and the lighting was all pre-rigged for us.  I learned a lot about light during this shoot and I’m really happy with how my pictures turned out!

DSC_6070_004Waiting for Sunset, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6082_005Playing at Sunset, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6118_006Will He Ever Come Home?, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6153_007Thinking about Forever, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6165_008Models on a Bridge, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6182_009Swingset and City Lights, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6193_010What Lies Ahead, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6211_012Don’t Leave, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6199_011Swingin’ Over the City, Rocketship Park, 2015

DSC_6221_013Three Tickets to Ride, Rocketship Park, 2015

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