Rosemary Visits San Diego

I was so lucky that Rosemary came to visit California TWICE last year!  She had a conference in December in San Diego, so I drove down and spent the day sightseeing around San Diego!  It was so much fun!

20141123_093417Brunch at Cafe 21, Gaslamp District, 2014

20141123_104738Sandcastle on Coronado Beach, Coronado Island, 2014

DSC_4428View from Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, 2014

DSC_4436Lighthouse on a Hill, San Diego, 2014

DSC_4445Shoreline Danger, San Diego, 2014

DSC_4468Cliffs at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, 2014

DSC_4478View from Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, 2014

DSC_4481Congregation of Birds, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4482Sunning Seals, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4485La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4486Beached Seals, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4500Seagull Mechanic, La Jolla, 2014

DSC_4492Seals Enjoying the View, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4496Finding a Better Spot to Sun, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4497Seagull Pose, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4521Pelican Hangout, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4515Crashing Waves, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4505Seagull Watching Over the Cove, La Jolla Cove, 2014

20141123_163132Sunset Selfie, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4554Sunset Reflection, La Jolla Cove, 2014

DSC_4553End of Another Day, La Jolla Cove, 2014

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