Night Hawks – Candy Cane Lane

Every Christmas season, there is a whole neighborhood in Torrance that decorates their houses and streets.  People from all over come and either drive through or walk through the neighborhood looking at all of the beautiful displays.  It was so much fun to go and take photographs of the lights and get into the holiday spirit!

DSC_4587Reindeer Shadow, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4590Experimenting with Zoom, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4614Peppermints, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4627Happy Dog, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4632Eye Popping Lights, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4640Candy Cane Lane Ferris Wheel, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4677Christmas Tree in the Window, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4681Star Zoom, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4688Toy Soldiers, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4719Southern California Christmas, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4723Brrrrrrr, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4735“Winter” Wonderland, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4741Three Musical Mice, Torrance, 2014

DSC_4753Christmas Lantern, Torrance, 2014

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