Night Hawks – Chinatown & Union Station

The first night hawks outing of 2015 took us to downtown LA – specifically, Chinatown and Union Station.  I had never been to either of these places, so it was fun from a “tourist” point of view, AND as a photographer!

DSC_4952Hop Woo, Chinatown, 2015

DSC_4971Chinatown Plaza, Chinatown, 2015

DSC_4974Hop Louie, Chinatown, 2015

DSC_4988Lanterns in an Alley, Chinatown, 2015

DSC_5066Union Station, Los Angeles, 2015

DSC_5000Union Station on a Rainy Night, Los Angeles, 2015

DSC_5004Picturesque Windows, Union Station, 2015

DSC_5025Tracks to Anywhere, Union Station, 2015

DSC_5038Next Stop Los Angeles, Union Station, 2015

DSC_5059Information Desk, Union Station, 2015

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