Night Hawks – Griffith Park & Hollywood Boulevard

This month’s Night Hawks outing took us to two places we’ve been during the day, but never at night – Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Boulevard.  This was probably one of our favorite shoots so far, and we thought the pictures turned out GREAT!

DSC_6433_048Hollywood and Sunset, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6517_049Winding Road, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6521_050Griffith Observatory Overlooking LA, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6525_051Up, Up, Up to the Observatory, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6526_052Urban Beauty, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6546_055To Infinity and Beyond, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6537_053Observing Los Angeles, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6547_056Observatory Windows, Griffith Park, 2015

DSC_6555_057El Capitan, Hollywood Blvd, 2015

DSC_6584_059Sweet Stop, Hollywood Blvd, 2015

DSC_6566_058Nocturnal Activity, Hollywood Blvd, 2015

DSC_6605_061Purple Haze, Hollywood Blvd, 2015

DSC_6602_060Night’s End, Hollywood Blvd, 2015

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