Madrona Marsh

There is a marsh in Torrance right down the street from us.  It’s about 10 acres of protected marsh lands, home to lots of ducks and geese and bugs and small animals.  I went to the marsh last year to complete some homework for my photography class, but I flew solo.  Since Mike had never been, we went on a Saturday afternoon and walked around this little oasis in the middle of our big city!

DSC_5348Happy Flower, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5370Bridge over Calm Waters, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5379Dragonfly, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5388Enjoying a Swim, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5393Reflections, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5401Lone Duck, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5406Pretty Purple, Madrona Marsh, 2015

DSC_5417Path through the Marsh, Madrona Marsh, 2015

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