Night Hawks – Disneyland

This month’s Night Hawks outing was a first!  We went to Downtown Disney (not inside either of the parks) and did some street shooting and then went to a super secret place to photograph the Disneyland fireworks.  This was my first time photographing fireworks, so I learned A LOT…mainly how easy it is once you know what settings to use!  Mike and I were both absolutely thrilled with the pictures!  Enjoy!

DSC_6877Tree at Dusk, Downtown Disney, 2015

DSC_6886Drummin’ Away, Downtown Disney, 2015

DSC_6869Constructing Deliciousness, Downtown Disney, 2015

DSC_6865Finished Product, Downtown Disney, 2015

DSC_6848To Infinity and Beyond, Downtown Disney, 2015

DSC_6872Jelly Bellies, Downtown Disney, 2015

DSC_6899The Sorcerer’s Hat, Disneyland Hotel, 2015

DSC_6904Full Moon, Disneyland Hotel, 2015

DSC_6917Mickey & Friends Parking, Downtown Disney, 2015

And finally, our best shots from the spectacular fireworks show!









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