August Night Hawks – Shoreline Village

August’s night shoot marked our ONE YEAR anniversary with the Night Hawks!  Shoreline Village was the first shoot we went on last year and even though it was our first repeat, it was so much fun to go back to a place we’ve been.  My dad generously loaned his lenses to me, so besides my 18-105mm kit lens, I had his 24-70mm and 70-200mm lens.  I used the 70-200mm lens for most of these pictures, and I could tell a HUGE difference in the picture quality.  I was thrilled!

DSC_8496Palms at Dusk, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_8498Shadow Selfie, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_8502Dolphins Playing in Water, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_8503Seals Trying to Hitch a Ride, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_8532Lighthouse Sunset, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8555Sunset Reflections, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8569Path to the Aquarium, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8580Nighttime Reflections, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8585Reflected Light, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8608Ferris Wheel in Motion, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8598Queen Mary, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8599Illumination, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8611Ferris Wheel Fan, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8624At the Wheel, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8630Viewing Tower, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8632Rainbow Harbor, Shoreline Village, 2015

DSC_8655Colored Bridge, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_8659Path Underneath the Bridge, Long Beach, 2015

DSC_8660Nighttime Walk, Long Beach, 2015

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