Night Hawks – Candy Cane Lane

In the holiday spirit, I thought I’d post the pictures from our Night Hawks outing to Candy Cane Lane!  It was super foggy throughout the shoot, which led to challenges with lighting, but it also led to some pretty amazing pictures – including one that I think might be one of my favorite pictures EVER!

DSC_1311The Greeter, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1319Color Tree, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1324Fun with Zoom, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1329Reindeer Upgrade, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1346Night Glow, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1341Crazy Ferris Fun, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1372Christmas Penguin, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1371Holiday Bow, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1427Snowflake, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1411Merry Christmas, Torrance, 2015

DSC_1429Foggy Night, Torrance, 2015

And one of my all time favorites…

DSC_1364Nativity Scene, Torrance, 2015

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