Night Hawks – Olvera Street, Chinatown, and Union Station

Our first night hawks outing of 2016 ended up being a GREAT start to the year!  We went on a Sunday night, so things were actually still open while we were down there!  When we went last year on a weeknight a lot of the shops had already closed.  However, this year, Mike and I checked out Olvera Street, which was still busy when we got there!  We haven’t been down there before, and it’s the oldest part of downtown LA, so there is a lot of history to take in!  There are lots of little shops all through Olvera Street and everything was SO colorful!  Chinatown was wonderful, too, as was Union Station!  It really was a great way to start the new year!


Olvera Candle Shop, Olvera Street, 2016


La Noche Buena, Olvera Street, 2016


Lost Art, Olvera Street, 2016


Pulling Strings, Olvera Street, 2016


Taquito Time, Olvera Street, 2016


Giftfair, Chinatown, 2016


Chinese Lanterns, Chinatown, 2016


Gate to Chinatown, Los Angeles, 2016

I have to give Mike credit for this next picture, because as we were walking to Union Station, he noticed this.  Whether intentional or unintentional, it made for a good shot!


Clever Advertising?, Chinatown, 2016


Remembrance, Los Angeles, 2016


Catching Air, Los Angeles, 2016


All Aboard, Union Station, 2016


From Here to There, Union Station, 2016


Mirror Image, Union Station, 2016


Tranquility, Union Station, 2016

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