Huntington Library – Mike’s Pictures

As Julie stated in her previous post… we ended up going to the Huntington Library because the wildflower bloom ended before we could make it out that way.  I have always enjoyed the photo trips and being Julie’s camera “Sherpa”, but this trip I took some pictures!!  It took some getting used to the camera, but I think that I did take some pretty good shots.  I look forward to learning more about photography from our local photography shop (Paul’s Photo) and continuing to improve my photography skills.


Sunning, Chinese Garden, 2016


Hide and Seek, Huntington Library, 2016


Dragonfly-ing, Huntington Library, 2016


Cactus Blooms, Cactus Garden, 2016


Just Doing My Job, Cactus Garden, 2016


Spiky, Cactus Garden, 2016


Spiny Leaves, Huntington Library, 2016


Cascading Water, Huntington Library, 2016


Simplicity, Clifton’s Cafeteria, 2016

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