Washington, D.C. – Part One

Last year, beginning with our Utah trip, my friends Rosemary, Rukku, and I all decided we wanted to try and plan a weekend trip each year since we all live so far away from each other.  It’s nice to catch up and see each other AND see new things!  This year, we decided on Washington, D.C. because that’s where Rukku lives and she works in the White House right now, so Rose and I were definitely up for some White House tours!  We got the East Wing and the much more exclusive West Wing tours and literally my head was INSIDE the Oval Office!  It was roped off so we couldn’t go in but I leaned in so my HEAD HAS BEEN IN THE OVAL OFFICE, PEOPLE!  It was awesome.  For obvious reasons, there were no pictures allowed so you will all have to trust me, but I do have two witnesses.  Anyway, you would think that was the highlight of our trip!  But we had an action-packed couple of days, including a day trip to Shenandoah National Park where we saw a BABY BEAR RIGHT BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.  Since this was such a fun-filled trip, there will be FOUR parts!  Part One is pictures from my first night in DC and our first day sightseeing.  Mostly, we walked around and saw a few things, then Rosemary and I spent some time at the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress until Rukku joined us!

Part Two will be pictures from Nighthawks: DC Monuments edition, Part Three will include pictures from our nature trip to Shenandoah Valley, Luray Caverns, and Great Falls, and Part Four will conclude with some pictures from our Capitol tour and the pictures that I was allowed to take outside the West Wing, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), and the Tidal Basin!

Stay tuned!


Sunset Over the Capitol, Washington DC, 2016


Outside Union Station, Washington DC, 2016


Rush, Washington DC, 2016


Incoming, Washington DC, 2016


Underground, Washington DC, 2016


Rukku’s Workplace, Washington DC, 2016


The White House, Washington DC, 2016


Levels, Washington DC, 2016


The Highest Court in the Land, Washington DC, 2016


For Rosemary, Washington DC, 2016


Angles, Washington DC, 2016


Supreme Staircase, Washington DC, 2016


Outside the Courtroom, Washington DC, 2016


Rosemary Tests the Columns, Washington DC, 2016


Columns, Washington DC, 2016


Firecracker, Washington DC, 2016


Thomas Jefferson’s Library, Washington DC, 2016


Library of Congress Reading Room, Washington DC, 2016


Library of Congress, Washington DC, 2016


Rowhouses, Washington DC, 2016

2 thoughts on “Washington, D.C. – Part One

  1. That picture of the Capitol at sunset is so amazing. Also love the row houses pic!!!! Can’t wait to relive the other parts of the trip through these pictures!!


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