Atlanta: The City

While we were in Atlanta, we also spent some time at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site and visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights museum.  Since none of us had ever been to a presidential library, we decided to visit the Carter Presidential Library while we were in town!  And, of […]

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Atlanta: Tallulah Gorge

Every year, my friends and I plan a long weekend somewhere so that we can see each other and be tourists somewhere together!  This year, we went to Atlanta, which is where Rosemary and Tim live!  Since I had only ever been to the Atlanta airport and not into the city at all, I was […]

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Washington, D.C. – Part One

Last year, beginning with our Utah trip, my friends Rosemary, Rukku, and I all decided we wanted to try and plan a weekend trip each year since we all live so far away from each other.  It’s nice to catch up and see each other AND see new things!  This year, we decided on Washington, […]

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