Washington, D.C. – Part Four

After seeing the baby bear the day before, it would be hard to top that!  However, somehow our last day together in D.C. managed to do JUST THAT, since we got to tour the West Wing in the White House.  As you can imagine, there are not pictures allowed inside, but I was able to take pictures outside and in the press briefing room.  It was incredible.  I had my freaking head INSIDE the Oval Office!  Things were roped off so we couldn’t go in, but it was still super crazy that we were RIGHT THERE!  After the White House, we went next door to where Rukku works and got to see some of the really cool rooms there!  We ended our day with a walk along the Tidal Basin, which was peaceful and beautiful!  We also got to see a flyover of one of the helicopters that serves as Marine One!

I’ve also included a couple of pictures from a Capitol tour that Rosemary and I did!

Overall, it was an amazing trip with amazing friends, and I can’t wait to plan our next trip together!


Hart Senate Building, Washington D.C., 2016


Capitol from the Basement, Washington D.C., 2016


After the Rain, Washington D.C., 2016


West Wing Entrance, Washington D.C., 2016


The White House, Washington D.C., 2016


Press Briefing Room, Washington D.C., 2016


Rear of the Press Briefing Room, Washington D.C., 2016


Secretary of War Suite, Washington D.C., 2016


Game Face, Washington D.C., 2016


Secretary of War Suite Ceiling, Washington D.C., 2016


EEOB Selfie, Washington D.C., 2016


Urban Hibiscus, Washington D.C., 2016


Washington Monument, Washington D.C., 2016


Tidal Basin, Washington D.C., 2016


Swan Boat, Washington D.C., 2016


Tidal Basin Recreation, Washington D.C., 2016


Marine One Helicopter, Washington D.C., 2016

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