Night Hawks – Vincent Thomas Bridge

Mike and I were really excited about this Night Hawks trip because we missed it last year!  San Pedro is such a neat area and I knew we would get some good pictures!  We started the night at the dancing water fountains and snapped pictures of the water show that’s set to music.  Then, we walked over to the waterfront and took pictures of the bridge.  Those were some of my favorite pictures!  Our last stop was down the road on a hill so that we could take some long exposure pictures of cars on the bridge.  I’m a real sucker for long exposure pictures and I was absolutely thrilled with how my pictures turned out!


Still Waters, San Pedro, 2016


Water Entertainment, San Pedro, 2016


Jet Streams, San Pedro, 2016


Anticipation, San Pedro, 2016


Waterfront, San Pedro, 2016


Vincent Thomas Bridge, San Pedro, 2016


Bridge Crossing, San Pedro, 2016

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