Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

Mike and I are completly into animal adventures and are always looking for new ones.  We found the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and knew we needed to check it out!  This place takes in wolves and uses them to educate the public on why they are important in our ecosystem and to help dispel myths about them.  The awesome thing is that the wolves are around people so much that they are basically big goofy dogs!  We had so much fun hearing their stories and meeting them.  We will DEFINITELY go back when we’re in the area again!


Happy Wanagi, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, 2016


Wanagi Tongue, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, 2016


Happy Holan, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, 2016


Sleepy Holan, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, 2016


Shanta Yawn, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, 2016


Wise Wolf, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, 2016

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