Orange County Fair

Coming from the Midwest, Mike and I have been really excited to go to a fair out here.  When we found out the Day Hawks were making a trip to the Orange County Fair, we knew we had to go check it out.

It was NOTHING like the fairs back home.  NOTHING.  It was mostly food and midway games.  And more food.  And more games.  There were literally three barns of animals.  THREE.  That was it.  There are ZILLIONS of animals at the fair back home, and let’s be honest, that’s by FAR my favorite part!  From that aspect, the Orange County Fair was a real disappointment.  We did have a fun time, though!  The animals that we did see were adorable and we probably spent most of our time watching the piglets run around like the cute little crazies they are!


Fair Excitement, OC Fair, 2016


Goat Jail, OC Fair, 2016


Cheeeeeeese, OC Fair, 2016


Shearing, OC Fair, 2016


Dinner Time, OC Fair, 2016


This Little Piggy, OC Fair, 2016


Piggy Back, OC Fair, 2016


Hitching a Ride, OC Fair, 2016

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