San Francisco Part One: The City

Mike and I took a much needed escape to San Francisco over labor day weekend and it was amazing!  Neither of us had ever been there, so we did the whole tourist thing and saw as much as we could in the three days we were there!  We dedicated the first day to the city – we rode the cable cars to Union Square, walked around Chinatown, went to Ghirardelli Square and had the BEST ice cream sundae EVER, and ate a nice dinner at Scoma’s in Fisherman’s Wharf.  We went to Alamo Square to see the Full House houses, which was super high on my list of things to see!  While we were waiting for our table that night at Scoma’s, we walked along the pier and made a blue heron friend and a seal friend!  All in all, a really awesome day in San Francisco!

dsc_7552Cable Car, San Francisco, 2016

dsc_7570Cable Car Selfie, San Francisco, 2016

dsc_7594Powell Street, San Francisco, 2016


Chinatown Life, San Francisco, 2016


Cable Car Powerhouse, San Francisco, 2016


Hitching a Ride, San Francisco, 2016


Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco, 2016


Painted Ladies, San Francisco, 2016


Whatever Happened to Predictability?, San Francisco, 2016


Pier 47, San Francisco, 2016


Evening Dock, San Francisco, 2016


Perched Heron, San Francisco, 2016


Seal Friend, San Francisco, 2016

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