San Francisco Day Two: Pier 39

We had been told from several people that we needed to go to Pier 39.  It’s full of stores and restaurants, but the reason we went was for the sea lions!!  There are a lot of floating platforms next to the pier and the sea lions come and hang out on them.  They sun and swim around and we probably stood there for a good 40 minutes just watching them!  I took some pictures of them in various states – lazy, ornery, alert, and everything in between!  They were so much fun to watch!!


Snobby, Pier 39, 2016


Arguing, Pier 39, 2016


Posing, Pier 39, 2016


Finding the Best Spot, Pier 39, 2016


Be Nice to Sea Lion Friends, Pier 39, 2016


Talking to the Boat, Pier 39, 2016


High Alert, Pier 39, 2016


Forbes Island, Pier 39, 2016

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