Whale Watching – Newport Beach

Mike and I went whale watching last year and we really enjoyed it!  So when I saw a Groupon for a whale watching cruise in Newport Beach, I jumped on it!  We went on an overcast, drizzly day and it ended up being one of the best experiences ever!  Right as we left the marina, we saw one whale.  We followed it for a while and then the captain said he had seen a huge pod of dolphins a little further out so we went that way.  Well, we found the dolphins and they swam along the boat for a while.  Then, the captain comes over and says that there are a pod of FIVE WHALES ahead of us!  These whales were surrounded by at least 50 dolphins and so many birds!  The captain then says that three of the whales are making a baby whale and that he has never seen this on a whale watching trip he’s done.  He said it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.  It was unbelievable.  We sat there for at least a good 30 minutes just watching the whales surface and the dolphins play.

I found myself putting the camera DOWN more than taking pictures because I was so in awe of what we were witnessing.  My favorite was watching the dolphins leap out of the water next to the boat and play with each other!  I did get some pictures I was happy with, which will serve as a great reminder of our incredible whale watching trip!


Balboa Harbor, Newport Beach, 2017


Buoy of Seals, Pacific Ocean, 2017


Urban Waters, Newport Beach, 2017


Migrating North, Pacific Ocean, 2017


Double Blow, Pacific Ocean, 2017


Side by Side, Pacific Ocean, 2017


Fluke, Pacific Ocean, 2017


Waving Goodbye, Pacific Ocean, 2017


Bumpy, Pacific Ocean, 2017


House in a Cliff, Newport Beach, 2017

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